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You are welcome to contact us at (800) 635 0280 for:

1) To place an order for DVD's over the phone (you know which ones you want)

2) To speak to a 2 Girls Teach Sex representative about ANY product in the 2 Girls
Teach Sex DVD catalog (every rep is highly knowledgeable about EVERY product)

3) To cancel any subscription based monthly program you signed up for with 2 Girls Teach Sex

You are welcome to email us at shawna@2girlsteachsex.org for the following:

1) Have any of your questions about material on the DVD's answered.

2) Have any sex technique question answered (topics NOT on your DVD's)


support@2girlsteachsex.org is the email address for:

Order Tracking
Billing Issues
Defective DVD's

The mailing address for refunds is (you need to call us first at (800) 635 0280 to get authorization code for refund):

ISN Education, LLC
8391 Beverly Blvd #271
Los Angeles, CA 90048

(We do not accept checks for purchases. If you do not have a credit cards you can buy a pre-paid one and use that)

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