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From: Shawna Lenee

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Dear Future Sex God =)

If you want to IMMEDIATELY become the type of mind-blowing lover that most women only dream about… and do it regardless of your size and stamina, and without spending a cent.. then the 10 free secrets below will show you how.

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My name is Shawna Lenee — I’m an adult film star and very experienced lover of both men and women… both professionally and in my private life.

I recently put together 10 tips (I will give you FREE in a second) revealing the biggest mistakes men make with women in the bedroom… along with secrets we girls wish men knew about giving us heart-pounding, body-shaking orgasms!

Here is just a small “taste” of what’s in these free tips:

  • A special trick to use in missionary position that makes her feel you’re at least 2 full inches longer and thicker inside of her
  • The common sex technique women secretly HATE! (Sadly nearly all men do this anyways because they see it in movies… but in real life it turns your woman OFF and makes it even HARDER for her to have an orgasm)
  • The “Triple Play” — A simple, “works every time” way to give your woman a full-body orgasm
  • A special trick to use BEFORE you make love that gets a woman so incredibly turned on she’ll be begging you to make love to her… even if you’ve been together for years and the “passion” seems gone!
  • A surefire way to tell if your girl is “faking it”
  • The 3 sex positions that guarantee orgasms (She’ll “get there” very quickly in any of these positions… so your stamina doesn’t matter)
  • The 9 different types of orgasms a woman can experience… plus the advanced tricks to give her each one!
  • How to use EMOTION to triple the intensity of her orgasms (This secret also unlocks her “naughty side” and makes her want to make love to you ALL THE TIME!)
  • Secrets of “Superman Stamina” — How male adult stars get it up and keep it up and how YOU can do the same
  • A special “order” of positions that—when followed correctly—gives nearly all woman multiple orgasms
  • And much, much more

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